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Tap your way to victory!



Each Prestige gives you a chance to add a new Aniform to your collection!

Collect and Evolve all the fighters!

100 Aniforms

Each Aniform evolves 4 times on the way to being a high enough level to Prestige.
Aniform Collection Screen

Aniform Collection

Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, and Exotics. Oh My!
Aniform Genesis Screen

Aniform Genesis

Which Aniform will you get this time?







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What do I do?

Tap. tap tap tap tap tap tap tap When you start out, just tap. You don’t need to tap directly on your opponent, anywhere that isn’t a button will do. Each tap will make your Aniform attack, and will damage your opponent.  When you defeat your opponent, you will earn credits. Credits can be used directly to make your Aniform more powerful, so that each tap does more damage. Credits can also be used to unlock and upgrade Genetic Modifications.

What are Genetic Modifications?

Genetic Modifications allow your Aniform to attack even when you are not tapping. There are a total of 12 Genetic Modifications which can be unlocked. Each has different upgrades that can be opened, which provide a variety of bonuses to your Aniform.

Can my Aniform die?

Your Aniform can be defeated by Bosses and Champions, but will immediately be ready to fight again.  Sometimes a Boss or Champion will repress one of your Genetic Modifications. Try to keep Bosses and Champions from hitting your Aniform, and yield if you are not strong enough to defeat them before the timer runs out.  Over time your repressed Genetic Modification will restore, and you’ll return to full strength.

What are Missions?

As you achieve certain goals, based on things like the total number of opponents you’ve defeated, you’ll receive a Crystal reward. Crystals can be spent on Boosters.

What are Chips?

You use Chips to unlock and upgrade hacks that will change the game. You only get Chips when you Prestige, but you begin to bank Chips earned from Champions when you pass stage 90. The number of Chips you receive on Prestige depends on the number that you have gotten from Champions and Drones, as well as some bonuses. After Prestige these Chips will increase your power, as well as impacting the game through the Hacks you choose.

When can I Prestige?

You can Prestige after your current Aniform reaches level 800.  You can wait to Prestige until you are ready.

What happens when I press the Prestige button?

You will not immediately Prestige.  When you press the Prestige button you will be able to see how many Chips you will receive if you choose to press the Confirm button.  You can close this screen and keep on playing.

What happens when I Prestige?

“If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.” Okay, not THAT powerful, but your future Aniforms will increase in power based on the number of Chips you earned. You restart with a new level 1 Aniform, at stage 1 (but you can later use Hacks to change that). You give up:

  • Credits
  • Genetic Modifications
  • Levels
  • Stages
  • Special Attacks

You keep:

  • Crystals
  • Chips
  • Hacks
  • Friends
How can I connect to Facebook?

This feature becomes available after your first Aniform passes stage 30.

Do I have to connect to Facebook?

No, but Facebook is how the Tap Champions Friend feature works. It provides you with a DPS increase based on the number of Active users you are Facebook friends with, and it gives you another special attack. There is a cap on the total active friend bonus.

Can I move my game to a new device?

There is a Cloud Save feature. The game does not save automatically to the cloud. You may save to it when you choose to, and Cloud Load to restore the most recently saved version of your game. This can let you try an in game upgrade you aren’t sure you will like, or recover your game after you’ve had to reset your device. It can also be used to move your game onto another device tied to your account. The Cloud Save feature works through Apple or Google, depending on your device type. You will be able to move your game between different Android devices. You will be able to move your game between different iOS devices. You will not be able to move your game between Android and iOS devices.

What can I play this on?

Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash works on iOS devices iPhone 5, iPad 3, and iPad mini 2 or better, and is available in the Apple iTunes store. It works higher powered Android tablets and phones running at least Android 4.1 and is available in the Google Play store.

Why does your app require so many permissions?

Please check the Privacy Policy for information about the app permissions.

What personal information do you gather about users?

Please read the Privacy Policy for full information.


Help us make Tap Champions of Su Mon Smash better.  If you encounter a problem, contact us so that we can try to help.  We’d love it if we could smash all the bugs before it ever gets to your devices, but some of them slip by us.  With your help and patience we can get it working better.